Going your own way doesn't seem to be the way in POS distribution. Mergers, takeovers and buyouts have created a bevy of look-alike, sound-alike suppliers, leaving Banks and ISOs with few options when choosing a distributor.

At The Phoenix Group, we've revolted against this trend of conglomeration. We're now the industry's largest independent equipment supplier and service provider and the only one with distribution agreements with every major manufacturer: Lipman, VeriFone, Equinox, Ingenico, Magtek and others. This freedom to do things our way also allows us to remain flexible and quick on our feet so we can develop a truly personal relationship with our customers. By putting forth the effort everyday, we get to know you and your business so we can better service your needs.

It's a radical approach, we'll admit. It also seems a popular one, as the number of banks and ISOs trusting their business to The Phoenix Group grows every day.
Since the day we opened, we've been able to accomplish something quite rare in today's POS industry: we've made our customers feel good about their decision to partner with us. We're fully dedicated to the growth of your business, and it shows in everything we do.

A key component of that is our ability to remain quick and flexible. We never force your needs into a strict, 'our way or no way' service model. Since we are independently owned, we're free to customize our service to ensure you get exactly what you want.

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Unlike most POS distributors, our value does not begin and end with low prices. At The Phoenix Group, the bottom-line is just the beginning of what we can do for your business. Deployment. Encryption. Repairs. Refurbishing. Supplies and same-day shipping. Plus dozens of little things that may go unnoticed but which also go a long way toward making your business life easier.
At The Phoenix Group, we believe it's time Banks and ISOs felt good about their POS distributor. As one of the industry's largest independent distributor with direct relationships with all major manufacturers, we have exactly what you need in both new and refurbished equipment. By offering services like expedited repairs, overnight replacements, encryption, deployment, remote banking, leasing and rental, we’re raising the bar for POS service and distribution, forcing the competition to keep up. And, because of our high volume and low overhead we are able to pass that savings on to you.
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